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Celebrating 25 Years of Bringing People Home

October 3, 2012

Celebrating 25 Years of Bringing People Home

Thursday, Jul 28th 2011

We just celebrated our 25th year of Bringing People Home. What an incredible milestone! With friends, colleagues and business partners in attendance, we hosted a walking tour of our newest community, Karis Place, and a celebration dinner at the Roundhouse Community Center.

As a society we are aware of the impact affordable, stable housing has for our tenants. Through video testimony we shared the stories of lives changed for the better. Those in attendance heard of the difference a safe home has made for a man who slept outside for many years. They heard from a woman who has overcome addiction and is celebrating her recovery in community. And they heard compelling reasons for joining our cause from our keynote speaker Paul Born of Tamarack Institute.

The celebration was a great opportunity for us to share these stories and raise awareness about our society and the work we do to alleviate poverty and homelessness in British Columbia. We are very thankful for the generous sponsorship of the event.

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BC Housing, TriErcon Foundation, More Than A Roof Foundation

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Campaigning For The Future

We also introduced our two year capital campaign at the 25th Anniversary. Our hope is to secure $500,000 in funding to positively impact the lives of our tenants in unique ways. The goal is to raise $200,000 toward the Next Step Financial Literacy Program, $200,000 for North Shore Mental Health Housing and another $100,000 to create a teaching opportunity in our new commercial kitchen.

Over the course of one year, The Next Step Savings initiative dollar matches the savings of tenants while equipping them with the financial literacy they need to fight poverty through money management workshops. Our hope is to expand the program to include families, youth and single parents.

This past year saw the purchase of our first house in North Vancouver. With further funding we can purchase another home for the purpose of mental health housing. This builds stability and sustainability for our tenants.

With the addition of a commercial kitchen in More Than A Roof Housing’s newest building there is potential for pre-employment training, culinary arts education and classes that teach the basics of working in a commercial kitchen. These valuable lessons can be used by our tenants to build new careers and find stable employment. Courses can also be offered that teach the foundation of health and nutrition along side of basic cooking techniques.

For those wanting more information about participating in our bold vision please contact our Executive Director, Lorne Epp. We also welcome you to join us with an ongoing donation or a one time gift, please visit our donate page for details.